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Vivid moments of remembrance, disparate yet interconnected, come together to form the body torn but not broken of this novel. Beginning with a scene of departure, the two nameless narrators roam back and forth in time, veering from childhood mischief to a Palestinian refugee camp massacre; from ardent first love to necessary migration to an Arab oil country for employment; from spirited adolescent fantasies to the grim reality of life in an Arab country whose claims to progress are mounted on the bent backs of its p..

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How do they handle such newly found freedom? A selection of the most important works of Egypt's Nobel literature laureate. Naguib Mahfouz, the first and only writer of Arabic to be awarded the Nobel prize for literature, wrote prolifically from the s until shortly before his death in , in a variety of genres: novels, short stories, plays, screenplays, a regular weekly newspaper column, and in later life his intensely brief and evocative Dreams. His Cairo Trilogy achieved the status of a world classic, and the Swedish Academy of Letters in awarding him the Nobel prize for literature noted that Mahfouz "through works rich in nuance-now clear-sightedly realistic, now evocatively ambiguous-has..

Moon Over Samarqand. A journey through Central Asia and beyond, Moon over Samarqand is the story of one Egyptian's quest for the truth. Seeking explanations to his troubled past through a long-lost friend in Samarqand, Ali's travel brings him into encounters with the Uzbekistan of today, yesterday, and once upon a time.

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His tale embraces many tales those of his confounding taxi driver, of Islamic activists, and of the criminal underworld, as well as stories of struggles against authoritarianism in Egypt. Woven among these are legendary tales of gypsies, khans, and madmen, of magic, treasure, and love. Drawing parallels between Uzbekistan and Egypt, the novel shows diverse historic.. Morning and Evening Talk. A late work by the Egyptian Nobel literature laureate, Morning and Evening Talk is an epic tale of Egyptian life over five generations.

Set in Cairo, it traces the fortunes of three families from the arrival of Napoleon at the end of the eighteenth century to the s, using short character sketches arranged in alphabetical order. This highly experimental device produces a kind of biographical dictionary, whose individual entries come together to paint a vivid portrait of life in Cairo from a range of different perspectives. The characters include representatives of every class and human type, and as the intricate family saga unfolds, a powerful picture of a so..

Like a Summer Never to Be Repeated. Like a Summer Never to Be Repeated is a fascinating and highly experimental story based loosely around the author's own experiences in Egypt as a Moroccan student and visiting intellectual. In Cairo the narrator, Hammad, takes us on a deeply personal journey of discovery from the heady days of the s and s, with all the optimism and excitement surrounding Moroccan independence, Suez, and Abdel Nasser, up to the s and the time of writing, revealing an individual intensely concerned with Arab life and culture.

Meanwhile, his regular visits to Cairo allow us to watch a culture in transition over four decades. Egypt in the ninth century ad: an Arab, Muslim ruling class governs a country of mostly Coptic-speaking Christians. After an exorbitant land tax imposed by the caliph's governors sparks a peasant revolt, Budayr is dispatched to the marshlands of the Nile Delta as an escort for a church-appointed emissary whose mission is to persuade the rebels to lay down their arms.

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  4. He was through with the world, he had buried himself. He'd come back here to the womb, to Doanville, because he was through, because he wanted no more travel, no more excitement, no more nothing" Lowry, Find Me in Fire As close to "home" as this reads, Lowry's world has much in common with the inescapable hells of European existentialists; and his is far worse than Vonnegut's Midwestern-placed "asshole of the universe.

    But Lowry did read their forebears, de Maupassant and Dostoyevsky, and could say that he conversed with the latter during his long mental illness, recording the Russian's praise during an imaginary analysis that also included the psychiatrist who had given up on him. Other European strains exist, too. Kafka did not sit in, but he could have. An unknown error has occurred.

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    By turns a memoir, a travelogue, a love letter, and a meditation, Basrayatha summons up images of a city long gone. In loving detail, Khudayyir recounts his discovery of his city as a child, as well as past communal banquets, the public baths, the delights of.. The Crane. In The Crane , the renowned Syro-Lebanese author and sociologist Halim Barakat creates a narrator who looks back wistfully on a childhood in a small village of Syria, with the image of flying cranes and in particular one wounded bird as a continuing symbol of his emotions toward the past and its impact upon his life.

    The narrator then travels to the United States, and, with his wife, goes through the experiences of American college life in the s. He describes his participation in the political protests during that fraught decade, and goes on to depict his later life in the American capital of Washington DC and its surroundings. The link between narrator and.. As with his earlier works, Mohamed El-Bisatie's novel is set in the Egyptian countryside, about which he writes with such understanding. Episodic in form, it deals with a family Zaghloul the layabout father, Sakeena the long-suffering wife, and two young boys.

    The central theme of the book is hunger: the hunger of not knowing where one's next meal is coming from, and the universal hunger for sex and love. Sakeena's life revolves round trying to provide her family with the necessary daily loaves of bread that will stave off starvation. Labor-shy Zaghloul works on and off at one of the village's caf s, but prefers to spend his time listening in on conversations ab.. Papa Sartre. After a failed study mission in France, Abd al-Rahman returns home to Iraq to launch an existentialist movement akin to that of his hero.

    Convinced that it falls upon him to introduce his country's intellectuals to Sartre's thought, he feels especially qualified by his physical resemblance to the philosopher except for the crossed eyes and by his marriage to Germaine, who he claims is the great man's cousin.

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    Meanwhile, his wealth and family prestige guarantee him an idle life spent in drinking, debauchery, and frequenting a well-known nightclub. But is his suicide an act of philosophical despair, or a reaction to his friend's affair with Germaine? A biographer.. An unknown observer is watching the residents of a small, closely-knit neighborhood in Cairo's old city, making notes. The college graduate, the street vendors, the political prisoner, the caf owner, the taxi driver, the beautiful green-eyed young wife with the troll of a husband--all are subjects of surveillance.

    The watcher's reports flow seamlessly into a narrative about Zafarani Alley, a village tucked into a corner of the city, where intrigue is the main entertainment, and everyone has a secret. Suspicion, superstition, and a wicked humor prevail in this darkly comedic novel.

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    Drawing upon the experience of his own childhood growing up in al-Hussein, where.. Midaq Alley. This much-loved Mahfouz masterpiece is a rich account of life in a back street in a poor quarter of medieval Cairo. While the novel focuses on a willful young woman whose ambition to escape the confines of the alley leads her into prostitution, a pageant of other vivid characters, from the caf owner who likes boys to the man who creates maimed beggars and from the young man with the faithful heart to the rake and the pimp, fleshes out the picture of a society in crisis and transition. Though set during the Second World War, the characters' alienation from the prevailing political system and the desire of many of them to escape the economic and social stagnation..

    This novel from one of Tunisia's leading writers, the first of his works to be translated into English, narrates a love story in all its stages, in all its glorious and inglorious details.