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See also: Sayings of Jesus on the cross and Crucifixion eclipse. See also: Overview of resurrection appearances in the Gospels and Paul table. Main article: Early Christianity. See also: Biblical criticism.

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Main article: Sources for the historicity of Jesus. See also: Josephus on Jesus and Tacitus on Christ. A edition of the works of Josephus, a 1st-century Roman-Jewish historian who referred to Jesus []. Main article: Chronology of Jesus. See also: Anno Domini. Main article: Historicity of Jesus. See also: Brothers of Jesus. Main article: Historical Jesus. Further information: Language of Jesus and Race and appearance of Jesus. Main article: Christ myth theory. Main article: Religious perspectives on Jesus.

Main articles: Jesus in Christianity , Christ title , and Christology. Main article: Judaism's view of Jesus. See also: Jesus in the Talmud. Main article: Jesus in Islam. See also: Criticism of Jesus. Main article: Depiction of Jesus. Main article: Relics associated with Jesus. Watts state that the crucifixion of Jesus is as certain as any historical fact can be. Eddy and Gregory A. Boyd say that non-Christian confirmation of the crucifixion of Jesus is now "firmly established".

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Muslims believe that she conceived her son miraculously by the command of God. Joseph was from these perspectives the acting adoptive father. Burridge states: "There are those who argue that Jesus is a figment of the Church's imagination, that there never was a Jesus at all. I have to say that I do not know any respectable critical scholar who says that any more". Price does not believe that Jesus existed, but agrees that this perspective runs against the views of the majority of scholars. Dunn calls the theories of Jesus' non-existence "a thoroughly dead thesis".

Van Voorst states that biblical scholars and classical historians regard theories of non-existence of Jesus as effectively refuted. These units were later moved and arranged by authors and editors. Some material has been revised and some created by early Christians. His followers came to believe he was the promised Messiah and later split away from Judaism to found Christianity. Acts , but for the most part he displays little interest in the details of Jesus' earthly life and ministry.

The fact that Jesus existed, that he was crucified under Pontius Pilate for whatever reason and that he had a band of followers who continued to support his cause, seems to be part of the bedrock of historical tradition.

If nothing else, the non-Christian evidence can provide us with certainty on that score. Meier states that Jesus' birth year is c. Or if he did, he had virtually nothing to do with the founding of Christianity. Age of Reason, , pp. Christology was a major focus of these debates, and was addressed at every one of the first seven ecumenical councils.

Some early beliefs viewed Jesus as ontologically subordinate to the Father Subordinationism , and others considered him an aspect of the Father rather than a separate person Sabellianism , both were condemned as heresies by the Catholic Church. Footnote on Contr. Not least, the nature of the image and how it was fixed on the cloth remain deeply puzzling". A Marginal Jew: The roots of the problem and the person.

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Topical Josephus. Theology of the New Testament.

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