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'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Lost Woods Guide: How to find the Master Sword in Korok Forest

Go right here or west and keep walking, you'll soon come to a pair to torches by some large trees. Pick up the handheld torch resting against one of the pair, and head into the large tree in the middle for a chest with a Forest Dweller's Spear while you're here too. There are no torches ahead, so things get a lot more confusing. However, if you light the handheld torch, the way the embers fall give you a clue as to where to go thanks to commenter dinosaurpants for the tip!

Here's the directions - start by heading south west through the two trees, the left most one with a branch that looks like a claw pointing down:. Continue in that direction past rows of trees, then head west.

You'll quickly pass a tree that looks like it has a wide evil-looking grin across it. Though there are a lot of these in the forest, this one will be facing you like so:. Here, go north, past another one of those evil grin trees looking at you from the right, and in a few paces you'll come to a slightly more open area:.

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Go through this open clearing north east, past another evil looking tree on your right - your Shrine Nearby gauge will go off to tell you you're in the right direction - and keep going. If you look at the mini-map, you'll see a proper clearing over to the east. Keep going and you'll find it - a valley of rock that'll then take you to Korok Forest. Want help with the main game?

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