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Or the kids who find out what the elf is up to each morning. Anyway, here are two very different lists of what you can do with the elf — one for ambitions parents and one for slacker parents. This is a long list. I am tired. My daughter walks in.

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Unthinking, and out of habit, I smile at her. Her face lights up. Everything is fine with the world just the way it is.

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And the habit reminds you how happy you are to see your kids. As always, do the best you can to be the best person and the best parent you can be. Sumitha Bhandarkar is the founder of A Fine Parent. After making a bunch of mistakes and feeling perpetually like a crappy parent, one day she had the epiphany that Great Parents are Made, Not Born.

She is now on a journey to become a better person, and a better parent one itty-bit at a time and warmly invites you to join her in this journey! Another wonderful article! Thank you for sharing these tips Sumitha. Thanks, Melanie! Thank you for taking the time to compile everything. I know exactly what you mean, Bernadette! It usually keyword.. I looked it up.. I love tech toys even better if she can play with them too.. I highly appreciate it.

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Glad you liked it Janel! I absolutely love this list! It just did not occur to me that there are so many things we can do to create a fun environment for our kids. I started out thinking this will be a list of around and it just kept getting bigger and bigger. What an informative and insightful article! Thank you for putting a positive spin to parenting. Glad you liked it. I love how you promote kindness on your site… will definitely dive deeper into what you offer. This is a fabulous article. Some of the most insignificant moments of your life could turn out to be the best ones.

2. Visit a museum.

Yaay, so happy to see you back here again Shannon! When my son now 28 years old was six years old, we had a dress up night for dinner. We dined on mac-n-cheese. Thanks for writing this post — it made me smile and reminded me of that very special dinner. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story, Kathy! Thanks, Jamie. So happy that you found a few good tips here to try, Charlie. Wishing you many more happy meals and wonderful memories to come! Congratulations on winning the SBO contest! Your post shows why — clearly.

It is fantastic. Ought to be mandatory reading around the world. Way to go! I was fascinated by this incredible list, Sumitha. You have great ideas, and they are presented so beautifully. Thanks for your inspiration to be a better blogger as well as ideas for being a better nana! Thank you so much for this! I am a full time single parent, full time job besides being a mom as well.

Grinch vs Fun Squad Kids In Real Life! Battle for Nerf Blasters!

Yelling and having an attitude has been a problem for me I love my little ones so MUCH, I think the fact that they are so young and so active to have a tires less optimistic mother makes everything a real struggle. Your article will definitely help me unleash the parent that I know I can be a desperately hope to convert to.

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This is a very nice blog. Thanks for sharing these sweet memories with us. One of the greatest titles in the world is a parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.

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My Baby has a professional photographer that create cherished memories photo for you. For more information Visit Us! Infants Photography in Noida. This was such a fun post about having fun with your kids on a daily basis. I really liked your idea to make something as simple as breakfast into a cute and fun experience for kids.

I like that you mention it can also help picky eaters be less fussy when their food looks cute and save you time trying to get them to eat. I will have to try this with my little ones. I think that these are great ideas. I would love to implement a gratitude jar in my home. I think that is really sweet.